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Everything You need To Know About Flower Photography


Tips for incredible flower photography.

10 Elements of a Good Photo

Good Photo Main

It takes more than clicking a button to make a great photo.

8 Tips for Incredible Landscape Photography

Torres Del Paine

Learn what makes a good landscape photo with these simple beginner tips.

The Only 3 Lenses You’ll Ever Need


Always get the shot you want with these 3 types of lenses.

4 Critical Reasons the 50mm Lens is NOT the ONLY Lens You’ll Ever Need

50 mm lens

Everyone needs more than one lens!

7 Tips for Great Point and Shoot Photography

Point and Shoot Camera

Take great photos, even on a budget!

Quarantined? 5 Creative at-home Photo Projects

Quarantine Photo Projects

Get creative with your photography while stuck at home.

Composition: Easy Tips for Mastering Frame Within A Frame

Frame within a frame

Composition made easy!

Rules every new photographer should know: Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds

The first composition rule every newphotographer should learn.

Top 5 Photography Myths: Busted!

Photography Myth Cover Photo

Don’t panic, full manual is a myth!